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Let's Talk About Disobeying and Artistic Rebellion

Video 013

WAIT until you see what’s in this vintage book I bought for $6. I feel like that sounds clickbaity, but it was a surprise to me, so I want it to be a surprise for you, too.

I’m talking here about this great book Let’s Talk About Disobeying, and what it means to disobey/rebel as an artist.

I think a lot about a friend of mine who is a professor at an art school, and she said that sometimes the first year students grumble about taking art history. They say they don’t need it, because they’re not going to make art like that, so they don’t need to know about it. They’re going to do their own thing, have their own style. Which: of course they will. But they need to know the history in order to know what they’re riffing on.

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