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Solve Your Own Problems

Video 026

The rambling of today’s video made more sense in my head when I was recording it, and I’m not going to redo it because I’m no longer dogsitting for our friend’s enormous great dane mix. Nor could I plausibly recreate the moment when I trip a little over a very large shovel.

What I was trying to say was this: I spent a lot of time waiting for a video editing program to work very slowly, and thought that was the way things had to be. But in fact I was able to solve the problem. It’s not a perfect metaphor because in this case there was something else to blame (the buggy video editing program) but also — I was able to fix the situation. I didn’t have to sit there, forced into watching my computer program crash. This is a highly imperfect metaphor, but maybe also it’s perfect, because my point is that we’re not efficient robots (or perfect metaphor machines) but interesting and messy humans who have brains that make connections, like between a much faster video editing program and reading that it’s up to us to solve our problems.

One more shot of this guy.

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