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The Hilarious Delight of a Driveway Full of Chalk Drawings

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I know this newsletter is called “Do the Work” but so often I find myself in a place of “do the work…with my friend the internet?” I’m committed to really truly learning how to access my creativity and not be distracted by the internet. I’m still, after all this time, in a place where I think if I was swimming in an ocean, thoughts of the internet would come at me like the actual waves.

I’m still thinking about what Amelia Hruby said about getting to a human-paced life. Yes please.

Have you ever intentionally not looked at the internet for a day or two? Not when you are on vacation, but in order to get work done? Not because you were on a deadline, but on purpose, to access flow? Regularly?

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Despite everything I just said, the internet can be useful. I like being here talking to all of you.

Picture Book Revision Class

One thing I am great at is coming up with a lot of ideas for picture books and then either not writing them into drafts, or writing one halfway and stopping, or writing many and then I have a pile of first drafts. When I was a kid, I FOR SURE thought that adult professional writers wrote one draft and they were done. Two drafts, tops. I didn’t want to think about revising. But now I love revising! It’s the best. And especially with picture books, because the space means that I can play around a lot to figure out how to make the book what it’s meant to be.

If you are in a place where you have a lot of half drafts or first drafts and you aren’t sure how to make them better, I made a class for you! Or if you have been doing this a while and the last few years were weird and you’d like to hear me talk for almost two hours about revision, so you can inject some new energy into your process, I made a class for you! (It’s the same class both times.)

$47 gets you the video presentation with slides and a ton of examples, a full transcript, a worksheet, resources and links, and a place for discussion. If you sign up for it by May 15, 2023, you’ll be entered to win a picture book critique from me. I’m giving away two of them.

Buy the Picture Book Revision Class

Do the Work
Pep talks about writing and creativity, mostly while I'm walking the dog.
Julie Falatko