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Video 023

I went to a pretty place and did not take a photo of it.

I had this thought recently about portrait mode — you know, that thing on your phone where the person is clear and the background is blurry? And I wondered if there was a way to make my brain go into portrait mode, to worry about my own things, and not worry about what anyone else was thinking or needing from me. Like, what if I go on a walk and don’t think about The People? What if I only think about the story I’m writing? I used to be so much better about this. But social media broke my ability to flow mentally on a creative problem. I mean, I can still do it, but now I have to be all intentional about it.


Don’t mind me, I’m going to continue to try to figure out how to show all my book covers in one image in a graphically lovely way. Which this isn’t.

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