Love this, love secret projects, love the photo of the orange cone, and… if you make a sticker that says TAKE ANALOG BREAKS! I will absolutely buy it 😉

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“I don’t know how to relax other than ride a rollercoaster.” Haha so good and I relate. What is this relaxation thing you speak of? 😉

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Sep 8Liked by Julie Falatko

Omg, I love this so much, Julie!

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Thanks for the shout out, Julie! I find my “secret” life to be much more fun and mysterious when I frame it that way in my mind. And there is something especially delectable about doing something really out of the ordinary and not sharing it with anyone...unless you are just having a conversation in real life.* *This used to be called just- living.

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Do you think part of the relaxation of the roller coaster is that you are buckled in and you have no choice but to go along for the ride? So much of being freelance is freedom - and it can be overwhelming to decide 'what to do today'. It's nice to just let someone else drive for a bit.

I totally agree that you need to keep things to yourself, that sacrificing all your good moments to the social media beast is displacing the magic you need to create.

And thanks for the good chuckle for '8 year old with anger issues'. There is always that one kid in bumper cars...

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You’re so right about taking a break from the stew human consciousness that is social media. Our phones in general are the same. They fill our brains with stimulus that can become overwhelming.

I’ve made a small but amazing tweak in my life.

I’ve starting putting my phone to bed in the kitchen. Oh wow! It’s been incredible.

I now get 30 mins before falling asleep reading my book without that magnetic pull of my phone. And, first thing in the morning it’s the same. I need to go downstairs before I can start scrolling.

So I’d recommend.

Oh, and I had overnight oats with raspberries for breakfast. 😉

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