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Thank you for this. I too am writing a novel (children's spooky middle grade) and have stalled on my momentum. I have to push myself to keep going. Right now it is all uphill and I can't see the path on the other side (yup, gonna beat that metaphor to death). Thx for the encouragement.

Psst. Can you share a bit about what you are working on? Is it like 2 Dogs or will it be for slightly older audience?

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The Flaxington girls! What a perfect name for next-door goody-goodies. (Apologies to anyone with the last name Flaxington, but I mean...what a great name!)

I am also bicycle-allergic.

Yes on looking where you are going--that's the same advice, weirdly, that I remember Martha Stewart giving for carrying a heavy tray without dropping it. 😂 If you look where you are going instead of repeatedly looking at the tray, you'll be fine. I use the tip all the time because I order a lot of coffee, and there's something about Seattle coffee shops where they know their clientele expect them to fill it aaaaalll the way up, so even if you take a sip or three before walking with it, your cup is for-sure dangerously full.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, anyways, in this analogy, I'm picturing myself carrying my tray full of Elayne stuff. I need to look ahead at where I'm carrying that to and not let the babka slice that someone is eating nearby distract me--and maybe not even the other stuff on my tray. Even though I am hungry. Step by step, bird by bird. Even when sometimes the bird is a turkey. :)

As always, I enjoy all you share, Julie! Thank you also for the link--so generous of you! I have already gotten more Substack subscriptions from it--be still my heart!

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