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Out of Office

I didn't check my email for a week | Video 041

I managed to not look at my email for the entire week we were camping. And it was fine! When I did look at it, back home, it was…boring? There wasn’t much in there. I spent twenty minutes deleting emails.

In this video I say I am “working, but restfully,” which in retrospect seems like a strange take. I recorded this early in the week of our vacation, and I still wasn’t sure if I’d write. What I mostly did was take notes on flora and fauna for a novel I’m working on. So my restful working was a list of birds and trees. I also did morning pages.

And now that I have survived (as if it was a matter of survival) not checking my email inbox for 7 days, I’m going to remember that it was fine. There were no emergencies. I don’t need to have that tab open on my computer. I don’t need to open the app. I can let it be. It’ll wait. It was nice not to be bossed around by emails demanding things, especially when the things they often are demanding are, like, hey there’s a sale at the candle place I bought something from once three years ago.


From the video: this is the SARK book I got at the swap shop, and this is the poster everyone had up in their dorm room in 1990.

And, most importantly, here is a raven at 6 am.

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