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Stuck on a Bridge

Video 040

I recently realized that I don’t need to check my phone all the time. Or at the same time every day. I get in the habit of always checking at this time or that time. I was (am!) in the habit of checking after I do my morning pages. WHY? I mean, I know, it’s habit, but I really don’t need to look at my phone at 5:45. So I’ve been leaving it at home when I go work out in the morning. I’m going to do it until I don’t wish I had it, until I don’t crave music or a podcast or a voxer message on the drive home.

Attention residue” is the phrase I couldn’t remember when I was doing this video. Via Cal Newport, of course.

I would like to acknowledge also this thing that I do where I not only get sucked into various messages and emails and essays and newsletters, but somehow I use even the slightest recommendation from someone as an excuse to buy something. I don’t know if it’s that I want stuff or I want the right stuff or if I want that dopamine hit from shopping. Getting off Instagram saved me a lot of money for sure because I wasn’t doing this anymore, but I’m noticing that somehow I still find the link with the cute mug or candle or perfect t-shirt in whatever email I’m reading, and if I don’t catch myself, I buy it, because it’s so cool, whatever it is. The thing that has saved me with this is that I made a page in Notion called “Things to Buy” and I throw the link in there. Somehow the act of saving the link is soothing for me. Maybe part of my desire to buy the thing is that I worry if I don’t, I’ll forget where I saw that link for those gorgeous notebooks or amazing herbal tea. As soon as I save the link, I have no desire to buy it anymore.

Also the video thumbnail above is of the actual drawbridge I got stuck on. Turns out there are lots of photos in Canva of the bridge I drive over every day. It’s a nice bridge.


Here is another photo from Canva as well as an arrow showing you the approximate location of my house. I don’t know why I’m showing you where I live. Because there it is, like looking for your house from an airplane; here is a photo from an online graphics-making website that has my house in it, somewhere. I may come to regret this, if you all stalk me based on the placement of this pink arrow. Please don’t stalk me. It’s not worth it. I’d make you clean the bathroom.

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