Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you and your bossy cheese enjoyed the reading! (Although maybe the cheese didn't like it as much, haha.)

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I sort my picture books by spine color and now it's natural--but it does take a second to get used to it, initially! πŸ˜‚ It's so fun to hear what others use. There's a bookstore here in Seattle where they are organized by mood. So the kids and adults and whatever are all mixed together, and the shelved by certain emotions. https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/books/seattles-newest-bookstore-oh-hello-again-has-a-novel-system-categorizing-books-by-emotions/

I am delighted that you had a cheese reading (had NO idea that was a thing)...and in that same vein, LOL, Point Reyes is one of my three favorite bleu cheeses! (I love cheese so much, I have attended an American Cheese Society annual conference. Not as a producer--just an enthusiast. πŸ˜‚) I also love Rogue River Blue and Rogue Bluehorn.

Wow, if your social media feeds DO remind you of those awful parents who clap for another kid's human error...then I don't blame you for skedaddling. I would, too! Maybe once I'm published and am out of my "only other kidlit creators" cocoon, I'll feel the same!

Thank you for the opportunity to shop vicariously through the charming photos--love butterfly pea tea for its color (blue), and my first thought on the bookshelf one was, "oooh, I would like very much to pat that octopus toy" so I was delighted to hear that detail.

Finally, I read the word "nog" in your cheese! Though I personally do not think eggnog goes with blue cheese. (Maybe the cheese was trying to save itself. 'Go have some nog, instead, Julie.') Nice try, Point Reyes.

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Also, I definitely had to look and see what the spine colors of my books are too!

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