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The Secrets are in the Cheese

Video 031

FIRST THINGS FIRST: here’s how to have your very own fortune divined from a piece of cheese.

Jen’s Substack is here. The offerings are all here. I think a tyromancy session is the perfect gift for that family member or good friend who is hard to buy for, or for yourself if you’re craving something fun and different in your life.

The cheese I got was the Bay Blue from Point Reyes. It was extremely delicious (and also excellent for fortune telling). I bought it from The Cheese Iron, which you should visit if you come to Maine. I also got these crackers to go with, which are absurdly good, both on their own, and with the cheese.


I am ninety percent sure this podcast was the one that reminded me of Cal Newport’s concept of solitude deprivation (it’s a great episode, you should listen regardless). And the Off the Grid episode this week is “To Substack or Not to Substack” which I listened to with great interest (I mostly agree with all of it).

Also I know the audio on this video is weird. My webcam auto-chose the wrong mic and I couldn’t redo the video because I ate a bunch of the cheese. I fixed it as much as I could but if it truly drives you nuts just mute the whole thing and read the subtitles. Or accept that I am an author who is not a professional videographer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The color-coordinated shelves in the children’s book room at The Bookery. That octopus was very soft.
Drinks specials at the coffee shop in The Bookery. I got Zuzu a Cursed Bunny.
Golden circles which are not, in fact, embedded in the sidewalk.
Getting back-to-back emails telling me to explore, one from a coffee roaster and one from a tarot card reader, are extremely on brand and are also what came in while I was recording this video.
the cheese

Books mentioned in this video:

Finally: we were eating the cheese the night after the tyromancy and then I looked down and saw the word NO on it, clearly. What does that mean??? Kitchen Witch Jen says it means my cheese is bossy.

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