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I just emailed this to you but will also post here--those essays sound ripe for a class series taught by you!

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A few things:

1) I bought RICK THE ROCK for my kids for Christmas and am so excited to read it with them. It is so stinking charming.

2) Deep Work was a life-changing book for me when I read it a few years back.

3) I’m so glad to have found you/your substack this year. The community angle of SS is just not possible on Mailchimp and I’m so happy to have somehow stumbled upon Do the Work. I always look forward to your posts

4) MUSHROOM LULLABY is so sweet. Simple, too, which means (I’m sure) that it was anything but simple for the author to write

5) Happy holidays and new year! Looking forward to more of your posts in 2023!

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There is so much to absorb in this post, Julie. But I'm currently stuck on a picture book taking 10 years from contract to pub. We'll have to make you a button for that, it's clearly some type of publishing-is-bonkers record.

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Of course, I enjoyed this entire post (except I want that Rooster book, like, yesterday! It sounds hilarious! Hope it comes out soon, for everyone's sakes!)

Yes on writing with honey on the side of a tree (#beenthere), double-yay on your impending Real Book and Ira Glass Gap notes and how your taste only gets (somehow) better the smarter you get so the cycle never ends, and yay on a fattening Drawer of, well, if not Doom, maybe...the Napping Drawer? Like, you are just putting your babies down for a little nap, so when you go to play with them later, they don't shriek at you (as much)?

As someone who gardens at night sometimes (wearing a headlamp), I have to say I had never really considered what the neighbors might think, but the Oleg post definitely opened my eyes. LOL! Too funny! I'm glad I have a fence to help obscure my late evening (occ. very early morning) nighttime pruning and raking.

And how excited am I about an imprint devoted to adult picture books?!!

So much to ponder. Thank you for all you share, Julie!

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Lovely roundup, Julie, very happy that I discovered your newsletter this year. I also wanted to note your point about the ability to leave comments on Substack posts: it's really a blogging platform with better ability to manage a mailing list than, say, WordPress. But to me the commenting feature is a huge part of Substack's appeal, at least to me as a writer and publisher.

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