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quitting social media

Video 004

I’ve been thinking of staying even farther away from social media than I have been. What would happen if I took three months off? Six months? A year?

I think a lot about how there is this button on our toaster oven called the “A Bit More” button, which will cook/toast/bake for 30 extra seconds. And how often my day is made up of “bit more-ing” various things. Reading an extra page. Watching one more video. Pushing through and writing for ten more minutes. Sitting on the couch for another two minutes. Lying in bed for five more minutes. So many added bits of more.

And while I’m thinking about how I spend my time (while admittedly not wanting to get too aggressive and schedule-every-second about it), I realize that often my day is made up of dozens of stacked moments of A Bit More. These are the times when I realize I worked all day but got nothing done.

Ok, so, first of all, I want to really construct my day out of blocks of what I’ll call A Lot More. Hour-long tasks. Those are much better. But if I’m going throw in some Bits of More as flavoring, I want them to add something. Be fun. Be good for me. Not make me feel angry for no reason, which is what social media has been doing for me this past year.

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