I can relate about belatedly finding the light switch for your sewing machine. I had my car for 8 years before I figured out that not only could you swing the sun shade to the side to block sun in the side window (I figured that part out right away FWIW) but the whole shade is on a rod, and you can put the visor out another 6 inches or so, if the sun is coming from farther back.

I am trying to be on line a lot less. It's a struggle. Making a list of things I actually need to do, and then doing them before I start booping around here and on FB is helping me keep to my pledge to spend less time aimlessly listening to the siren song of the cake. Did someone say cake? I think I hear some calling me too.

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When there is a lesson to be learned, a teacher appears.

Thanks for teaching me things I need to know but don't know I need to know.

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Somewhat related, I love these real-life stories and, correspondingly, how often the tricky part can sometimes be actually knowing what you are missing/want...and how once you know that you've converted a problem into a solvable (and sometimes surprisingly solvable!) problem. And isn't that all the difference in the world? (WHERE IS MY TIDYING MOUSE?!?!)

You asked for us to share our esoteric needs turned "ah-ha!" moments, and I do have those sometimes, too, and it's so delicious when something clicks like that! Only this weekend, my sons' towel rack fell off the wall for the third time (which...I just assumed was my sons' fault because they like to wad up the towels and jam them through the tiny spot between the wall and bar...what can I say? They were badly raised!) but it dawned on me after putting it back together the way the homeowners had it for the third time, "...um, is this even the right way for the screws to be going?" It...was not. I swapped the sides of the towel rack so the screws were on the top, and now it works fine. I was thinking, just a second before that, "I guess we need to just suck it up and buy a new one." But apparently, I just needed to try three times before I "got" that it was installed incorrectly.

Quiz Lady looks fantastic!

Happy mid-January, creative spirit!

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There was a story on NPR this morning about how the Internet is getting "worse" because most of the major providers, Google, FB, Instagram, the platform once know as Twitter, have over monetized their platforms and AI is generally flooding the zone with clickbait, dead links, etc. And people are turning to, gasp, email again. Definitely reflects my experience.

Also, because I was bored and looking for distractions, I began searching on thrift sites for the "perfect pair of black pants" and somehow ended up setting up about 50 separate emailed feeds so that my inbox is flooded with "54 newly listed for Eileen Fisher" and of course I have to check every single one!

I realized when I woke up this morning, how frazzled and messed up I feel being on all these commerce websites and I'm getting rid of most of the email alerts. We'll see how I do.

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This is lovely. And you know, sometimes I find the same thing happens to me with books -- if I put it aside for a while, later, the answer might magically appear. That’s not always possible, thanks to schedules and deadlines, but when it does, the results are magical.

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Julie, You are always "spot on" and give me some bit I need! Thank you.

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This is a wonderful lesson I wish people would understand more. I repair things and sometimes Just out of nowhere I find out that the issue was something totally different, but I never ever bummer myself for having wasted time or not being even warm to what the thing was, I always celebrate I found the solution and keep moving along. I do find it funny sometimes like you said like “omg there is a spare screw inside the cover!”

And yes I first think I saw this magic in the Maverick movie (Jodie and Mel), when you are in need for something you can believe it will arrive when you look for it

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