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The internet makes it so easy for people to tell other people how to live their life. Some people are even able to monetize their ability to tell other people what they should be doing. But listen: you’re the only one who knows how to live your own life.1 Sure, we can get guidance and inspiration from other people, but as soon as you’re listening more to other people’s shoulds than to your own, you’re buying into the lie that you can’t trust yourself. (Yes, I realize that that last sentence might count as me telling you what you should do, so I will also tell you right now to ignore it if you want.)

You can trust yourself. You can do what’s right for you, even if no one else around you is doing that thing. You are allowed to eat what you want to eat and move how you want to move and sleep how you want to sleep. Wear what you want to wear. Read what you want to read.


And also: let other people live their lives how they want to. Isn’t it amazing, when you see someone do something and you think, “Wow, I would not have decided to spend my last dollars on a cruise” or “they’re going to self publish that book that’s full of typos, gosh” or “she’s going to regret those shoes.” People make choices all the time that you wouldn’t make. WHO CARES. They are making the choices that may or may not be right for them, and it’s none of your business. And that means also that you can wear whatever shoes you want to or write your book how you want to. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else. Listen to your gut, listen to your body, trust yourself, and only drink warm lemon water if you want to.


Unless you want to shoot people or stab them in the eye. Don’t do that.

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